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No town is as intimately linked to gambling, casino, poker and sin in peoples' minds as Las Vegas. This is even exemplified in the towns nick name: Sin City. Today, this town offers a lot of family friendly entertainment as well, but it is still one of the world's premier gambling destinations. All the biggest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are located on the famous Strip. The main rival to Las Vegas is Macau which is getting more and more of the Asian players.

Las Vegas was founded in 1905 and got city status in 1911. It is the biggest U.S. city founded in the 20th century and the 28th biggest city in the United States altogether. Back when the city was first formed it was not a place to gamble but rather an important railway junction. The importance of the railroad did however diminish over time and so did the importance of the city. The construction of the Hoover dam revived the city by creating work opportunities and attracting tourists, but the most important event in the history of this city was to be the1931 legalization of gambling. Legalized gambling is what turned Las Vegas into the what it is today.

Another important factor for the growth of Las Vegas was the Manhattan project and all the test detonation that was performed out in the Nevada desert. Las Vegas was for a long time marketed as the ”Up and Atom” city, the best place in the world to watch a nuclear detonation. It is no longer possible to come here to see detonations and hasn't been for a long time.

There is as earlier mentioned a lot of different things to do in Las Vegas for the entire family, ranging from shopping and shows to water slides and pools where you can swim with sharks. This website will however focus on the gambling that Las Vegas has to offer - all the opportunities you will find here to play world class poker, casino games and slots, as well as all the sport betting and other types of punting.

The first ever casino in Las Vegas was the Northern Club, opened in 1931, the same year the ban was lifted. The Northern Club is still there in Las Vegas but is nowadays operating under the name La Bayou.

You will find the best gambling action on The Strip, although there are good casinos in downtown Las Vegas as well. If you prefer smaller and more personal casinos to the big giants you are better of looking downtown and off the strip. Big classic casinos on the strip include Luxor, Bellagio, Mirage, Ceasars Palace, Harrah's and many more. Most of the casinos are excellent and feature top-notch membership programs. A good idea is to visit several different casinos in order to locate one where anything from atmosphere to gaming selection is according to your particular taste. If you are a big player it might be worth calling ahead and see which casino offer you the best extras such as free rooms, free plane tickets etc. Nordic "high rollers" can also find great VIP deals on

If you are looking to play poker there are certain casinos that are better than others even though more or less all off them offer poker. A good place to start can be the Bellagio which is know for its large selection of tables at various levels.

If you want to know more about different casinos and where to play I recommend reading our reviews of different Las Vegas land based casinos. If you want to play online, check out Online Casino.

Good luck in Vegas!

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