Boulder Strip

State Route 582 is also known as the Boulder Highway. Once it hits Las Vegas' city limits it changes name to Freemont Street and runs through downtown Las Vegas. The part of the road that runs between Tropicana Avenue and the I-515/US 93/US 95 freeway is called Boulder Strip. Home to a number of different casinos and hotels, Boulder Strip is one of the gambling departments regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The name Boulder Strip alludes to The Strip, the iconic gambling street just outside Las Vegas. (The Strip is the second highest grossing gaming area in the world.)

sams town on boulder strip
Sams Town on Boulder Strip.

Communications for non-car bound commuters are not bad but still underdeveloped for Boulder Strip. The RTC transit route 107 operates a long the road, and a new fast transit service is set to open in 2011. This new addition will allow quick transportation to Downtown Las Vegas where other high speed connections are available.

Home to a total of 32 casinos, the gambling department of Boulder Strip is is the 10th biggest casino market in the United States, just ahead of Reno. Revenue data for The Strip is only available for The Strip as a whole and not for each individual casino. It is however revealed that each casino make more than $1 million in net revenue each year. Together, they have a revenue of over $900,000,000 of which almost 86% is from slot machines and an additional 10% are earned from card games, while sports betting, poker and race betting each provides just over 1% of the revenue. The most important income stream for Boulder Strip is in other words slot machines.

Boulder Street offers the overall best pay ratios and the lowest house edges in Las Vegas in regards to slot machines. The notable exception from this is high stakes slot machines where Downtown Las Vegas and The Strip offer a lot better pay ratios than Boulder Street. Generally speaking however, the house edges are about 50% lower on Boulder Strip compared to The Strip.

The casinos on The Strip only offer a small amount of hotel rooms, about 3,000 combined. The biggest casinos on Boulder Strip are Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, Boulder Station, and Sam's Town which each have more than 2,500 slot machines and plenty of table games.

The casinos on Boulder Strip are smaller than those on The Strip but several of them are still quite large. The biggest of them all, the Green Valley Ranch, is spread over 133,659 square feet, and Sunset Station is only a few hundred square feet smaller.

Boulder Strip might not be as flashy as The Strip and might not offer as many shows nor as much high end shopping, but it is still more than worth a visit due to the good odds, small house edge and nice casinos. If you are a recreational gambler on a losing streak, your money will last about twice as long if you play on Boulder Strip compared to The Strip. If you are on a winning streak, you will win just as much or more than you would on The Strip.