Nevada Gaming Departments

Gambling in the Las Vegas area is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The Nevada Gaming Commission oversees six different gaming departments in Clark County, the county in which Las Vegas is situated, of which four is located in the Las Vegas city area. The four areas are Downtown, The Strip, North Las Vegas and Boulder Strip. The two remaining are Laughlin, in the far south of Nevada, and Mesquite in the far northeast of Clark county.

In this article we will focus on the four areas in Las Vegas city. If you want to know more about each area after reading this short introduction, this site has articles dedicated to each one of the four areas.

Downtown is where it all originally began, but The Strip is where most gambling is concentrated today. Boulder Street is where the small and medium stake players usually find the best odds. High stakes players will find better odds Downtown and on the The Strip.

The Strip

The Strip is what most people envision when they think about Las Vegas. This 4.2-mile (6.8 km) section of the Las Vegas Boulevard just outside the Las Vegas city limits is littered with mega hotels and casinos. This is where you find world famous hotels such as the MGM Grand, Ceasar's pPalace and The Venetian. For many years, The Strip was the biggest gambling market in the world but is now number two after Macau. The Strip is home to many of the world's largest hotels, first-class shopping and top-notch entertainment as well as a lot of other things that tourists can spend their hard earned cash on when not gambling.


Downtown is where it all began about 80 years ago, and Downtown is still home to a lot of casinos – including legendary gambling houses like the Gold Nugget and Binions. Downtown is where high rollers find the best odds if they want to play on slots and other video machines. The area has been shrinking for the last 10 years, but a lot of effort is now put into revitalizing downtown, including communication options. Downtown Las Vegas has retained much of the classic Las Vegas atmosphere and is a place where gamblers still can find cheap hotel rooms and affordable food. All the casinos are located around a pedestrian area which gives it a very different feel to The Strip.

Boulder Strip

Boulder Strip is located on Boulder Highway, but the road changes name to Freemont Road as it enters Las Vegas city on its way to Downtown Las Vegas. Boulder Strip is home to many large casinos and is the 10th largest gaming market in the U.S. The number of hotel rooms are limited in this area, but there are good communications to Downtown Las Vegas. Boulder Strip is the area where the low and mid stakes player will find the best slot machine odds.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is the smallest (revenue vise) and least important of Las Vegas' gaming districts. It is a large area where a number of casinos are found, but it can not really be compared to the other three gambling areas even if there are plenty of gambling opportunities around. Most gamblers types will find better gambling in one of the other three districts, but that does not mean that North Las Vegas isn't worth checking out. The international airport is located near North Las Vegas, making gambling here highly convenient for visitors arriving by plane.