Where to find the best odds

Unless you are in Las Vegas simply to have a good time and doesn't really care if you win or lose, you probably want to know where the best slot machine odds can be found, since getting the best odds will maximize your chances of winning. Even if you just want to play for fun it is still worth to consider playing where the odds are best as that will give you more fun for your hard earned cash. However, if you are playing for fun there might be other things that are more important to you, such as convenience, the theme and the general atmosphere of the casino.

Odds statistics for Las Vegas is available by area only, not by individual casino. That means that the numbers mentioned in this article (based on the fiscal year ending in June 2010) is the average for an area and individual casinos might offer better or worse odds. Where the best odds are found depends on the type of machine you want to play, but a general rule is that the best odds are found away from The Strip which almost always offer the worst odds – except for high rollers.

If you do not feel like sinking your teeth into the table below we can tell you that you usually find the best odds on Boulder Strip. In situations where the odds at Boulder Strip are not the very best, they are still usually very close to the best. The exception from this rule is high stakes slot machines such as $25 machines where the best odds are found Downtown, closely followed by The Strip.

Playing where you get the best odds can make a big differences for your bankroll. As you can see in the table below, the house edge can be twice as big in the worst area as in the best.

The chances to win at table games are the same on all casinos that use the same type of game and stick to the same rules. If you are primarily a table game player you can therefore forget about everything said in this article and simply go to the casino you like the most and that offers the games that you wish to play.

Payback ratio/odds for different types of slot machines in the Las Vegas area:

1¢ Slot Machines
The Strip - 88.36%
Downtown - 88.81%
Boulder Strip - 90.20%
N. Las Vegas - 90.60%

5¢ Slot Machines
The Strip - 90.03%
Downtown - 91.18%
Boulder Strip - 95.43%
N. Las Vegas - 94.82%

25¢ Slot Machines
The Strip - 91.64%
Downtown - 94.76%
Boulder Strip - 96.86%
N. Las Vegas - 96.56%

$1 Slot Machines
The Strip - 93.62%
Downtown -95.41%
Boulder Strip - 96.46%
N. Las Vegas - 96.41%

$1 Megabucks Machines
The Strip - 87.98%
Downtown - 89.97%
Boulder Strip - 89.41%
N. Las Vegas - 88..96%

$5 Slot Machines
The Strip - 95.11%
Downtown - 94.73%
Boulder Strip - 95.82%
N. Las Vegas - 94.37%

$25 Slot Machines
The Strip - 96.60%
Downtown - 97.04%
Boulder Strip - 90.83%
N. Las Vegas - N/A

All Slot Machines
The Strip - 92.86%
Downtown - 93.65%
Boulder Strip - 94.78%

N. Las Vegas - 94.03%