Where to find the best Poker in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers a lot of gambling opportunities, including a lot of opportunities to find good poker games. The vast number of casinos in Las Vegas can however make it hard to know where to go to find good poker games since some of the best casinos have bad poker rooms, and some quite bad casinos have really great poker rooms.

The absolutely best poker in Las Vegas is found during World Series of Poker (WSOP) when there are a lot of different side games running and when players from all over the world make their way to the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino to compete. Once they are knocked out of a tournament, they will be looking for cash games to play in. The World Poker Tour (WPT) can also lead to plenty of nice side game action when the tour comes to Las Vegas.

Below you will find a list of some of the best poker establishments in Las Vegas where you will find good poker games all year round.

Poker in Downtown Las Vegas

Binions: Binions is a part of the history of Las Vegas and even though the place have seen its best day it has an atmosphere that can not be beat and poker as its main focus. It is always possible to find a good poker game here and it is by far the best place to play poker in Downtown Las Vegas. Playing in Downtown Las Vegas has several benefits compared to playing on The Strip, one of them is that hotel rooms and food are a lot cheaper here than on The Strip, something that can be important if you are on a budget.

Poker on The Strip

Mirage: Mirage is one of the best casinos on The Strip and has a big and well run casino room. The only draw back to the Mirage poker room is that most players here are excellent poker players and it is hard to find fish at these tables. (Real fish can on the other hand be seen a plenty in the lobby where they keep an amazingly large aquarium.) The Mirage is the ideal choice if you want to play both poker and other casino games.

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino : The host of WSOP offers world class poker the whole year round, not just during the World Series. They also have excellent hotel rooms, food and other types of casino games.

The Venetian: The Venetian is one of the most expensive hotels and casinos on The Strip. It has good restaurants, high end shopping and excellent gaming but also the biggest poker room in Las Vegas. The Venetian is visited by a lot of rich gamblers and it can be rather easy to find well funded fish while playing at The Venetian.